Why Bhiwandi is Famous for Cost-Effective Factory Shed and Industrial Building?

Bhiwandi, a small yet important commercial city is located on the outskirts of the financial capital of India, Mumbai. It is one of the reputed trade centers in India. Being tagged as the Manchester of India, Bhiwandi has its own commercial importance. It is also the hub for the textile industry and a majority of the people are associated with the power loom industry.

With rapid commercialization and industrialization, Bhiwandi has been successful in establishing itself as the center for cost-effective factory shed and industrial building. A city or place is said to be industrial friendly if it stands tall on parameters that help in establishing a factory. According to the industrial experts, the following are some of the common reasons why this small city, Bhiwandi has stood as the hotspot for factory building, warehouse, and industries—

One of the most important reasons that stand crucial for any industry or business to flourish is the location. Bhiwandi is situated in the industrial belt and just 20km from Mumbai- the financial capital of India. Apart from this, the international airport is located just at a distance of 45km making the shipments and cargo to be placed easily in the vicinity for further distribution.

Another added feature to the location is the presence of a national highway. NH3 provides seamless connectivity to every part of the country. When it comes to railway connectivity, Bhiwandi is equally blessed with railway connectivity as well. It has two railway stations that provide the base for the transportation of goods and products.

The location stands important because-
  • 1: Easy accessibility means people can easily get to the place for work
  • 2: Goods and products can easily be transported from one place to another or to their destination with the least hassle
  • 3: Easy availability of land and factory for sale at a reasonable price

The logistic companies that look out for plot to establish factory building consider this to be their prime deciding factor.

Availability of Space
For large firms that handle thousands of tons of logistics daily, they look out for areas that have enough space to make their operations easy. Therefore, the factory property for sale holds the highest value that has a large open space. This makes not only the movement of logistics easy but also trucks and people smooth. The smoother the operations are, the lesser will be the losses and hence, the overall costing.

Rising Demand of Place for Logistic and Warehouse
Whether it is all about the installation of a factory or building of a warehouse, competition at the place determines and controls the overall cost. Since, Bhiwandi is rapidly rising as the hotspot for various eCommerce companies, the landholders, in order to ensure that they get their land on lease or sell easily, keep the price of their property at par with the market rate. The value of the factory property for sale is budgeted.

Easy Availability of Resources
As the town has been popular amongst the multinational companies as a sweet hub for factory shed and industrial building, the dealers of the construction materials are piling up to the place with all sorts of raw products that help in the construction of shed and industry. This rising competition has not only removed the monopoly of a single seller or distributer in the Bhiwandi market but also ensured that the products available to the firms are of good quality. This competition for existence has made Bhiwandi a cost-effective one.

Labor Supply
Being situated at a prime location, Bhiwandi will never be a deficit in labor supply. People flock in groups not only towards Mumbai and Thane but also to Bhiwandi in search of livelihood and the construction of factory building and shed will always find the purpose. This is perhaps one of the top reasons why the city has grown as a hub for transport and logistics.

Since Bhiwandi meets all the requirements that determine the costing; therefore, it stands to be the cost-effective spot for factory shed and industrial building.