Top Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Warehouse Land

Just like gold and other valuables that are so precious to us, the land has always taken precedence when it comes to investment and asset. Till date, it is the best and the safest investment, subjected to all legal formalities done right. People in India prefer opting for land investments as the return after a decade or so is way better than any interest and other market investments such as bonds, shares, and mutual funds.

As of the current trend, the inclination of the people has shifted towards investing in commercial land, the reason being- the yield or return on investment in such land has been calculated at 8-10% every year as compared to residential plots that have ROI of 4-6%. Thus, there is an assurance that the money invested would not go in vain.

What is Special about Warehouse Land?
Warehouse land is a large plot that is available to the companies or wholesale distributors to store their products. The products can be in the form of finished goods or raw material. It stands crucial and forms the backbone of any industry.

Not all plots can be used as a warehouse land. According to the experts associated with the sale and purchase of land for a warehouse in Bhiwandi, a warehouse land must have all the features in order to get the required rent or consumers. Since the investment is going to be huge, hence, the investor needs to think of the return on investment. The following are some of the features of the land that should be taken care of—

  • 1 : The warehouse land should be located in the outskirt of the city where transportation is made easy, i.e. easily accessed by roads and rails

  • 2 : The land must not lie in the low-lying areas because India is a country where monsoon plays a key role and you cannot afford to have water logging in your plot for months

  • 3 : Land must have a decent area where not only the goods and products will get a spacious shade but also ascertaining several numbers of transportation vehicles like trucks, trailers, etc. can maneuver easily.

Warehouse Land Investment- A Worthy one for Generations to Come
The growing population and purchasing power of the people in India has brought about a capacity boom in the logistic sector. With an announcement of Rs 100 lakh crore towards infrastructure development, the Government of India has given nod to single-window e-logistic market. Keeping this in mind, the various companies and associated firms are looking to strengthen their position and hence aiming to either purchase land for warehouse or acquire land for the warehouse in Bhiwandi on lease basis to safely store the products by manufacturing unit for sale thereafter.
Thus, keeping the present aspects and future demand in mind, an investment in warehouse land would be considered a worthy one.

Buy Warehouse in Bhiwandi
Bhiwandi, a small town in the district of Thane is slowly turning out to be the hotspot for several warehouses. Being dubbed as the Manchester of India, the city has been leading the logistics sector. An idea to buy land for a warehouse in Bhiwandi is a good one and experts consider it to be the best investment one can ever have as of now.

The following are some of the top reasons why land for a warehouse in Bhiwandi is in top demand—

Prime Location
Bhiwandi is a city and has several villages in the periphery of it. The location of the city is not far from the international airport (46km away) and railways. It has the National Highway (NH3) passing through it. The easy accessibility has made various logistic, eCommerce firms to set-up their warehouse here. In addition to this, it is also near to Mumbai, the financial capital of India and some of the important ports of national importance.

Available Infrastructure
The government’s recent announcement made regarding the construction of green corridor and expressways has boosted the hope of the companies dealing with logistics and made Bhiwandi warehouse capital of India.

Availability of Land and Labor Force
The purpose to buy a warehouse in Bhiwandi should also be governed by the available resources- particularly human force to get things going. The presence of so many eCommerce companies in the financial town has made them build their warehouse for proper control. Migrant laborers are heading towards the suburbs like Bhiwandi in search of livelihood. Hence, not only land at the best price is available but also a huge variation in the labor force can be obtained.

Logistics is the new future of the country and would be determining the economic development of developing countries like India. The presence of warehouses would enable the companies to not only produce more but also to store them safely for quick dispatch and delivery.