Infra & External Ecosystem

  • external & ecosystem to support

    A :Road from city / highway to complex at least 4 lane public road
    B :Access road from state or central highway
    C :Power line from sub-station bay to switching station
    D :Water main line from irrigation project to city / park
    E :Surrounding or within project management of water bodies / water harvesting
    F :Solid waste dumping yard to do land filling
    G :Green waste manure yard to create organic manure
    H :Optical network from multiple teco’s to create smart cities
    I :State government / local authority / transport system tie-up & bus stop’s
    J :Excess water discharge pipeline to revive centers and approval
    K :Roll / HT corridor / NOC & Management
    L :Fire station tie-up for operation in complex for fire emergency
    M :Police station and tie-up for operation with-in complex
    N :Direction Boards and signage’s outside project giving direction to reach Smart City