Infra & External Ecosystem


    1 Road From City/Highway To Complex
    (usually roads from highway to complex is a dirt road or not maintained properly)
    2 Access Road From State Highway
    3 Power Line From Substation Bay To Switching Station
    4 Water Mainline From Irrigation Project To City
    5 Project Management of Water Bodies / Rain Water Harvesting
    6 Solid Waste Dumping Yard & approval
    7 Green Waste Manure Yard
    8 Optical Cables to project from multiple telecoms
    9 Optical Cables to project from multiple telecoms
    10 Roll/HT Corridor/Noc and Management
    11 Fire Station and Tie Up for operation from fire service
    12 Police Station and Tie Up for operation from police
    13 Direction Boards and Signage
    14 Excess Water Discharge and pipeline approval
    15 Gate, Compound Walls and Security System
    (many projects don’t have compound wall or security systems )
    16 Road Network, Parking and Traffic Management
    (The roads inside the park are too narrow for more than one vehicle movement)
    17 Utilities Duct and Servicing Facilities (with dedicated utility corridor for pipe and cables)
    (usually in other projects, maintenance calls for digging and disrupting routine)
    18 Maximum Soft-scaping and Green Space Management
    (This area is completely neglected in majority projects)
    19 24x7 Express Feeder Power (providing smooth 24/7 power)
    (often in other projects, there are power fluctuations and power cuts, therefore
    20 Water Management
    (water storage and distribution systems are very weak on other projects)
    21 Sewage Management
    22 Central Effluent Treatment Plant
    23 Storm Water Drainage System and Rain Water Harvesting Ground Water Recharge
    (Never considered in majority projects)
    24 Fire Fighting System
    (other projects do not comply to the norms)
    25 Telecom and Data Network System
    (very weak in other projects in vicinity)
    26 Solid Waste Management System
    (dependant of government facilities in other projects)
    27 Green Initiative and Certification of Project
    28 Disaster Management System