Infra & External Ecosystem

  • World Class Infra

    Gate, Compound Walls and security system
    Road Network, parking and traffic management
    Utilities duct and servicing facilities
    Maximum soft scalping and green space management
    Telecom & Data Network System
    Solid waste management system
    Disaster Management System
    Storm water drainage network and rain water harvesting and ground water recharge
    Sewage Management

    Sewage Network

    STP, Flushing water tanks, Flushing & Irrigation water network

    Excess water discharge quality test and discharge

    Reusable industrial water network

    Central Effluent Treatment plant

    Effluent Network

    ETP, Flushing/Reusable industrial water tank

    Reusable industrial network

    Fire fighting system

    Fire Hydrant around Complex

    Fire Station

    Fire Station

    Green initiative and certification of project

    Solar on Roof

    Wind mill

    Water Management

    WTP, Centrally tanks, Water pipeline for portable water

    24X7 Express Feeder Power

    Dedicated Bay in Substation

    Switching Station in Project

    Electric Network within complex

    Transformers & RMC’s