Services for Smart Manufacturing

  • Ease of doing Business Services

    Entity Registration Services

    Entity Tax code & No.

    Banking Services Facilitation

    Property licensing service

    Manufacturing licensing service

    Business Startup licensing services

  • Government manufacturing incentive availment services

    Registration of Units with government services

    Purchase of property incentives services

    Capital incentive on startup of units

    Refunds & tax breaks on Manufacturing

  • Unit, P&M and WC Funding Services

    Project Funding

    Working Capital funding

    Expert Packing Credits

    Bill discounting/ Declared/Factoring

    LC facilities

  • Low cost of manufacturing support services

    Workflow Optimization Advisory

    Workers Efficiency ouput advisory

    Material planning and wastage control

    Best technology for value manufacturing

  • Manpower Recruitment training services

    Recruitment Centre

    Industrial training centre (IT Centre Type)

    Supervisors training centre

    Management training centre

  • Green Manufacturing certification and Benefit services

    Green building planning and certification

    Green facility audit and certification

    Carbon Credit registration and disbursement of credit facilities

  • Quality Testing & Certification Service

    Testing Labs

    Quality certification services

  • Manufactured product Marketing & Sales Support Services

    Company Branding & Position

    Product Branding & Position

    Online Marketing and well strategy

  • TQM, ISO, Management Training Services

    ISO Training and Audit Certification

    TQM Training and Audit Services

  • Client Factories & facilities management services

    Client factories maintenance services

    Client factories security services