With the signing of the MOU, MASSMA members now stand to benefit from numerous advantages. These range from manufacturing, sourcing, sharing technologies, transportation, warehousing to finding skilled workforce.

The stainless steel and metal is one of the most important industries in India. However, some factors such as efficient manpower, manufacturing, transportation and so on mar the growth of the industry. To tackle these issues, we bring all the leading manufacturers at one place – the MASSMA Nagar at Renaissance.

With this, we intend to promote and develop the growth of this industry. It will be easier to share new technologies like recycling of steel, promote relevant industries, use of waste for new products, speedy delivery of good & raw materials, easy asses to talented workforce and increase production eficiency, productivity and profit margin.

MASSMA Nagar is spread across approximately 73 acres of land with 3 distinct but Built-To-Suit products.

Master Plan

Master Plan


PEB Warehouse

a) Save time & space with
• On-loading & of-loading through crane*
• Efficient storage management
b) Get High Quality, Value-driven andTailored Storage Solutions
c) Benefit of On-loading & Of-loading by only 2 people, through crane*

*Crane to fit in by buyer

Project Highlights

  • Future perfect location - located at junction of proposed Mumbai-Delhi Industrial Corridor and Mumbai-Nagpur Super Communication Expressway
  • World-class infrastructure with 20m wide internal roads and excellent external support eco system
  • Special Shuttle Bus Services from Kalyan station to MASSMA Nagar. T&C Apply

MASSMA Nagar Benefits

  • Market Place Buying & Selling platform
  • Efficient Material Handling
  • Recruitment & Training Centre
  • Business Support Facilites
  • Storage Facilities
  • Dedicated Truck Terminal
  • Recreation Area for Workers
  • Clubhouse
  • FasterThroughput
  • Workers Dormitory
  • Service And Support Shops
  • Landscaped Open Spaces

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