Indian Industrial Warehousing is Expected for A Bright Sunrise

To analyze the situation and condition of the Indian industrial warehouse, it is necessary to start with an example. We all know about Bhiwandi, a small suburb of Mumbai. Once it was famous for textile and had the largest numbers of handlooms and power looms of the country. This earned it the tag of the Manchester of India. With time, it has transformed, and currently, it is the fastest-growing logistic hub of the country. It has become the warehouse city and almost all the reputed MNCs and eCommerce industries have their warehouses located in the villages of Bhiwandi.

Indian Logistic Sector is Transforming

To tag industrial warehousing as the sunrise industry, we need to analyze the Indian logistic market. According to the recent report, the presence of a structured Logistic policy has enabled the companies to acquire commercial warehouse for sale. It is considered a major boost to the sector. This is evident from the government’s aim to bring down the logistic cost to 10% by 2022 from the present 14% of the GDP. According to the experts, the presence of the warehouse in Mumbai has helped various eCommerce and logistic companies to bring down their overall logistics costs. This process of optimization and warehousing have been effective in conceptualizing to operation and effective maintenance.

What COVID-19 Means for Warehousing Industry?

Yes, we cannot ever deny the fact that COVID-19 has taken a serious toll on the world economy and as far as warehousing is concerned, it has equally been impacted. However, the coming days are expected to be bright as even the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities are being looked for as the destination of investment and warehouse hub.

Sensing the growth or the plight that the industry is going to take the number of warehouse space for sale has increased considerably. The COVID-19 impact is a helping hand behind the development of Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities as a warehouse hub. Companies, considering the restrictions on the movement of the people and goods are giving this a thought. This can be equally effective for the future as well in case of another crisis (if any).

Indian Industrial Warehousing Waiting for the NEXT BOOM!!

We simply cannot deny the fact that India is still an unexplored country. For the companies, there is a lot for the Indians. Being a developing market, competition is not only high but also cheap. The high population and majority of the people following in the mid-income group, the companies believe that the logistics sector of India has a lot to explore. Companies are looking at India as the next consumer market. Therefore, to facilitate their production, they are looking for a warehouse for sale to acquire to streamline their business process.

Warehousing Depends on the Following Parameters

According to the professionals associated with the field, the success of any logistic company or associated warehousing depends on the following parameters--

  1. - Marketability
  2. - Strategic Decisions
  3. - Capital Gain
  4. - Project Construction & Development
  5. - Maintenance

Believe it- Indian logistics is in a transformation phase. The demand and craze of the people to buy products online have made companies stress on faster deliveries. Therefore, merely having a warehouse in Mumbai is never going to serve the purpose when the company has to deliver the product in the extreme eastern part of India. In addition to it, this approach would always add to the overall operating cost of the company thus reducing the share of profit. Hence, as a part of the strategic decision, the management tries to have their own or lease a warehouse. For this, they look out for acquiring the commercial warehouse for sale near me or in place that would solve the purpose at different locations.


Untapping the hidden potential is always going to play a decisive role in the future of eCommerce and logistics companies. It is not only about having a seamless omnipresent delivery point and strategy but also about bettering the supply chain adaptability. This has made warehouse space for sale highly demanding and hence can easily be said that Indian industrial warehousing is heading towards a bright future.